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Mugabe holding judges captive, says Ncube


VUNGU — MDC leader Welshman Ncube has decried the credibility of the harmonised elections scheduled for July 31, saying President Robert Mugabe held the Judiciary captive.

Stephen Chadenga

Addressing journalists on the sidelines of a rally in Vungu, Ncube said Zanu PF was holding the Constitutional Court captive, which meant that dealing with disputes in the Presidential elections “could prove to be a futile exercise”.

“One of the biggest threats to the credibility of this election is that Zanu PF has put the Constitutional Court under captivity,” he said.

“So going to the court when seeking audience in disputes to deal with the presidential election might prove to be a painful exercise.”

Ncube said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) failed to deal with the special voting exercise, meaning the electoral body could not be trusted to handle the polls.

“ZEC is under manipulation,” he said. “If they failed to handle the special voting exercise, where we know very well that we have 40 000 policeman, yet they say there were 70 000 (policeman) meant to vote, then the whole process is under siege.

“It then becomes difficult to expose these things to the courts, which have been held under captivity.
“Our hope then, for now, is that people go in their numbers to vote to counter these machinations.”

Addressing party supporters, Ncube said the elections were a choice between suffering and a new dispensation in Zimbabwe.

“If you can still choose to support Zanu PF which has put you under suffering for the last 33 years, then be prepared to be poor the rest of your lives,” he said.

“It is quite surprising that some people continue to say forward with Zanu PF when they do not even have a tyre to manufacture sandals.”
Ncube said through devolution, his party will revive industries to benefit people in their localities, as opposed to resources being controlled from one central place.

Speaking at the same occasion, Zapu national organiser Shepherd Ndlovu said the pact between his party led by veteran politician, Dumiso Dabengwa and MDC was non-tribal.

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