Byo councillors to select mayor


BULAWAYO newly-elected councillors, all 29 from the MDC-T, are set to convene next week to select a mayor, amid reports that some returning councillors and a prominent lawyer are eyeing the post.

Nqobile Bhebhe

Council sources this week revealed that councillors were scheduled to meet next Wednesday and will on Friday elect a new mayor.

James Sithole, Clayton Zana and Earnest Rafamoyo are said to have shown keen interest in the position, although the party is said to favour the election of Kucaca Phulu, who did not contest in the elections.

On Tuesday, Phulu confirmed that he was still focused on landing the post.

“Yes, am still interested,” he confirmed. “I applied for the position, but the party (MDC-T) has procedure.

“I am waiting for the decision from the party and that of councillors as you are aware that councillors are the ones who elect a mayor and that person could be from within or outside.”

Councillors said they waited for the party’s decision on who to elect as mayor and deputy.

Zana, who was last week re-elected, laughed off suggestions that he was vying for the post.

“That is for the party to decide,” he said.

“We have not received any communication on when we will have our first sitting.”


  1. I am no tribalist, but Rafamoyo running Bulawayo? Tsvangirayi and his team are plain silly and insensitive I think. Is this how MDC-T would thank the people of Byo for voting it in when the entire country has seen them for the imbeciles they are?

  2. They are drunk. James Sithole is Shona, Rafamoyo is SHONA, Zana? Ngeke safaka ishona libe ngumayor koBulawayo. This is the price the people of Byo are paying for voting MDC Tea. They are bringing foreigners to our land

  3. Putting abantu bangaphandle to run our city? MDC Tea are sellouts period. This is the price we are paying for voting for the Tea party…………

  4. the MDC T. has. no respect for the pple of Byo Zana can'nt speak Ndebele he has done nothing for Ward 19 then chosen to. be mayor of Byo no plz.

    Mkhululi Moyo

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