Teacher charged for ‘fondling’ girls


GWERU — A Senga Secondary School science teacher, who allegedly abused five girls, last Friday appeared for trial. State witnesses, led by the school’s senior woman, said the pupils confided to them that he was always in the habit of fondling them during lessons.

Stephen Chadenga

The accused, Denford Rusike, (47) a senior teacher at the school, facing charges of indecent assault, allegedly fondled five girls, who later revealed the abuse to the school head.

Rusike is alleged to have been abusing the pupils since last year and the matter only came to light in June this year.

The State alleges that between January 2012 and March this year, the accused person would beat girls aged between 13 and 15 and at some point use his hands to beat them on their behinds.

One of the girls, aged 14, alleges the teacher beat the whole class after they had failed a test.She further alleges that after she had cried from the beating, the accused started to console her and lifted her skirt, exposing her legs to the whole class.

Another girl alleged that when the teacher was beating her, he told her that the way she moved her behind was like someone having sex.

But the accused person, through his lawyer Takashinga Pamacheche of Gundu and Dube Legal Practitioners, denied the charge, saying the schoolhead made the story up, as he was out to fix him, since they were not in good books.

He alleged that when he was acting schoolhead in the absence of the headmaster, he made some noticeable improvements and this did not go down well with the head, who felt his authority had been challenged.
The trial continues today.