Mbada wants gate charges slashed

THE sponsors of the country’ richest knockout tournament Mbada Diamonds, have pleaded with clubs to reduce gate charges ahead of the richest tournament’s kick-off next week.

Brian Nkiwane
Sports Reporter

Speaking at the launch of this year’s edition of the Mbada Diamonds Cup on Friday, Mbada corporate affairs executive George Manyaya pleaded with Premier Soccer League (PSL) and club representatives to reduce gate charges to $1 for the tournament.

Manyaya said as the sponsors of the cup they would meet all the expenses for the clubs hence the call for the reduction of gate charges.

“If we are going to do all this for you, why not spare a thought for our football fans and reduce gate charges?

“We have said that we harness diamonds for the people. Now that you as clubs are benefiting, let the fans benefit also,” he said.

PSL chief executive officer Kenny Ndebele said the matter would be considered by the league and the clubs.

“Yes, it is a noble cause especially to our fans that have been with us in hard times,” he said.

“It would be good to reward them that way, but we need to meet clubs first.

PSL chairman Twine Phiri said they would not impose Mbada’s proposal on clubs.

“It is a very good idea, but what we must bear in mind is that cubs have other hidden costs that need to be taken care of.

“Things have not been well for most out our cubs hence we need to engage them.

“But we will soon be back with answers before the competition starts on September 28.”

Most club representatives that graced the launch were pleased.

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