Zuj wants journo’s application thrown out

THE Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (Zuj) has called on the High Court to dismiss an application by one of its national council members, Blessed Mhlanga, to compel the organisation to hold a congress within 30 days of the passing of judgment.

Nduduzo Tshuma
Staff Reporter

Mhlanga is also seeking an order to declare terms of all executive members terminated as of February 27 this year.

He wants the court to order Zuj secretary-general Foster Dongozi and acting president Michael Chideme to reimburse the organisation all allowances they have been drawing from February 27.

However, in a notice of opposition filed at the High Court on September 3, Dongozi in his founding affidavit said the date for the congress had already been set for November 30 this year.

Dongozi said Mhlanga had no legal basis to file the application as he was not a paid-up member of the union.

“Furthermore, assuming it (date) had not been set, respondent as a member of the national council should have influenced and exhausted internal remedies.

“However, applicant was well aware of the reasons that led to the delay of the holding of the congress. First respondent (Zuj) prays that the matter be dismissed,” Dongozi said.

He accused Mhlanga of not following mandatory rules provided by the court and there had not been reasonable explanation for non-compliance with the rules of the High Court.

“In addition, the balance of convenience favours the dismissal of this application to allow for the effective holding of the congress because this application will siphon hard-earned cash.

“First respondent had allocated for the congress to be held, hence, first respondent humbly prays for the dismissal of the matter to allow for preparations of the congress and saving of the allocated finances and also as this application is overtaken by events.

“I am further advised that this honourable court jealously protects its rules and integrity, thus absence of any reasonable explanation for the departure from the rules, this honourable court is humbly implored to dismiss this application or strike off the roll, the application for lack of want of compliance,” Dongozi added.

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