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Minister breaks leg at party


ZANU PF victory celebrations held in Beitbridge on Saturday ended on an unfortunate note when Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs minister Abednico Ncube missed a step, fell and broke his leg.


Ncube reportedly slipped on his way to lunch and broke his femur and was rushed to Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo for treatment where he is still admitted.

The femur or thighbone is the largest and strongest of all bones in the human body. Though tremendously strong, the femur can be broken typically by falls from great heights and in car accidents.

Matabeleland South provincial administrator Midard Khumalo confirmed the incident yesterday saying Ncube was in great pain.

“I visited him at hospital and he is in great pain, but cheerful,” Khumalo said. The injury is likely to keep Ncube away from work for months as he recovers.

“The injury is serious and considering his age he is likely to be out of work for at least three months,” said a health expert who requested anonymity.

Ncube had shown a great zeal towards his work since being appointed Provincial Affairs minister in August and he had already visited most districts in the province before his injury on Saturday.

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