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Village heads receive kickbacks


BATTLELINES have been drawn between Victoria Falls urban dwellers and villagers from Monde on the outskirts of the resort town over construction of houses on grazing land amid allegations that village heads were spearheading the parcelling out of the land for kickbacks.


The encroachment into rural Monde by town dwellers has riled villagers as the construction of houses was eating into their grazing land exposing their livestock to hunger.

Most of the villagers were angered that people being settled in the village were from other parts of the country and they brought with them different cultural practices leading to increasing tensions.

Chief Mvutu, in whose jurisdiction Monde falls under, yesterday confirmed the development saying the new settlements were introducing confusion in his area.

“The issue is in two parts. Some villagers are taking money from Victoria Falls people and parcelling out land working in cohorts with village heads,” Mvutu said.

“On the other hand, village heads themselves parcel out land without talking to villagers. This has brought a lot of confusion in the area.

“I have spoken to village heads and asked for an explanation on the happenings there. They promised to come back to me. It’s true that villagers are angry about the encroachment of urban dwellers in their area.”

A source told Southern Eye that urban dwellers were building plush houses in the village because the rates were cheaper and it was convenient for them because of its proximity to Victoria Falls town.

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