SA man claims to be Lobengula’s great grandson


A SOUTH AFRICAN national who claims to be a great grandson of Ndebele King Lobengula is in the country to compile information about the history of the Ndebele people and the monarchy for a book titled Roots that he is writing.


Sizwe Mda, chief executive officer of the King Lobengula Foundation, said he was working with local academic Meshack Matshazi to compile information for his book.

“I received funding from the Makana Municipality in Grahamstown, SA, for the project and Rhodes University is also involved in my research,” Mda told Southern Eye.

“I am tracing the ancestry of King Lobengula and the life of the people here in Zimbabwe. I have compiled the information in South Africa on two of Lobengula’s sons who are buried in the Eastern Cape and I want to engage the people here.”

Mda said he was interested in engaging anyone who had vested interests in the project.

“I’m hoping to link up with historians like Phathisa Nyathi and members of the Khumalo royal family who will assist with the information that I am looking for.

“What I want is for us to tell our history as black people and not rely on the accounts of the white man. Our history has to bind and unite us as black people instead of driving us apart.

“I want to tell a story from the black person’s point of view,” Mda said.


  1. My great grand father, Chatora Chihambakwe, of the Chief Charumbira chieftaincy, Masvingo Province, stayed with King Lobengula for quite a long time when he served him as one of his Spiritual Advisers. In fact, King Lobengula had recruited him when he was in Mberengwa treating the local folks of various ailments (the King had heard of my great grandfather’s exploits and felt he should reside with him at the Gubulawayo Royal Kraal). When the Matebele War broke out in 1893, my great grandfather and King Lobengula left the Royal Kraal in separate ways and to this day no-one can locate Lobengula’s grave as the Columnists failed to capture him.

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