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Early Christmas present from Jamaica-based MC Chita


JAMAICA-BASED hip-hop musician Chitarisiro Chiketa — popularly known as MC Chita — who completed a fourth album Red, Gold and Green, has returned in the country for his album launch.


The launch is scheduled for December 13, MC Chita said in an interview on Friday.

“It feels good to be back home after a year in Jamaica and this time I will stay for a month unlike last time when I only stayed for a week. I did not get much time to do much, hopefully this time its going to be different,” he said.

The musician told Southern Eye Lifestyle staying in Jamaica had given him a lot of exposure.

“I learnt a lot in Jamaica concerning music, especially technical details we have been ignoring back home,” MC Chita said.

“This project means a lot because it’s the first one I have done with good resources available at my disposal — from the whole process of beats, mixing, mastering. I feel I got a lot on the line and its just the beginning,” MC Chita added.

During his stay MC Chita will also work with (Jr) Brown on his album Morning Glory and also with Tehn Diamond.

Red, Gold and Green was recorded in Jamaica and features both Jamaican and Zimbabwean artistes such as Munga Honourable, Teflon, Tehn Diamond, among others.

It carries songs such as They Don’t Like Me which he has already done promotional videos to build a buzz around it.

Explaining the album title the musician said: “These three colours are on most African flags, especially the Zimbabwe flag and they are symbolic. The red represents the struggle, or should I say more historically the bloodshed.

“It’s not just about what our forefathers went through to achieve their freedoms and goals, but what we go through ourselves presently to achieve our goals, freedoms and dreams,” explained MC Chita.

He added that the gold represented the wealth and bling and the green represented the land, our sense of belonging which is what people have been fighting for in the first place.

“This project, takes the listener on a journey through these colours — starting from red, which contains songs of a more aggressive nature, on to gold which is the swag part of the album and finally ending in green, which is the introspective part,” MC Chita said.

The musician made his debut appearance in 2003 on Brown Sugar’s album Running Laps.

He continued to make his own name in the industry releasing projects like 2004’s Destination Reality, and went on to release 263-4: The Hustle, The Struggle, The Life.

In 2011 he released the award-winning Kings Rendezvous: H.R.E. in collaboration with (Jr) Brown and finally in 2012 he released the critically acclaimed The Ambassador’s Son.

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