Minister threatens journalist


MATABELELAND South Provincial Affairs minister Abednico Ncube allegedly threatened Southern Eye correspondent Albert Ncube with violence accusing him of writing “nonsense”.


Albert said he was in the company of a fellow scribe in Gwanda when Ncube called him.

“On Monday January 13 around 7pm, I was walking in town in the company of (name withheld) when we were called by Ncube whose Ford Everest vehicle was parked close to Power Sales,” the journalist said.

“The minister accused my colleague of being my agent before turning on me (and) calling me a thug who was writing nonsense about him.”

He said they initially thought the minister was joking as he always referred to journalists as peddlers of lies.

“However, his tone changed to suggest he was angry and he was frothing from the mouth as he spoke.

“He threatened to clap me saying my days were numbered. Lizafika ilanga eliyisithutha impama le izahlala ezihlathini zakho (A day will come soon when I will clap you on your cheeks) before ordering his driver to drive off.”

Albert said the minister was in the company of his chauffeur, nephew and another male adult.

“While his frustrations are understandable following his injury, Ncube should know that as a public official he will from time to time be called on to account for his actions,” Albert said.

“He should take time to go through the new Constitution which guarantees freedom of expression and freedom of the media.

“Ncube cannot choose for us which story to write and not to write.”

When reached for comment, the minister made veiled threats to this reporter.

“How much do they pay you to write lies? How old are you? Do not call me with the aim of provoking me.

“I will only entertain you when you call asking for help,” the minister said.

“Do not provoke someone you do not know. You do not know me young man and it is taboo to call me saying such things.”

Ncube’s threats of violence come at a time when Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo has been
engaging media houses to create good working relations between all journalists and the government.


  1. Remember this man one time beat up a school prefect accusing him of beating his son. He paid an admission of guilt for that crime. Watch out journalists. He is obviously not very stable mentally like many human tools at Mugabe’s disposal.

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