Car hits tout fleeing bribe-seeking cops


A TOUT was hit by a car along Leopold Takawira Avenue near Max Garage in Bulawayo yesterday while running away from police who were allegedly demanding a bribe from him.

Police and the crowd attend to the tout while waiting for the ambulance yesterday.
(Picture By Thembelani Moyo)


According to eyewitnesses, the tout had allegedly given one of the cops some money as a bribe, but the cops complained that it was not enough and that was when he tried to flee from them.

“One officer gave chase and the tout tripped and fell while trying to cross the road, resulting in him being hit by a car,” said a fellow tout Morgan Moyo.

Moyo said the cops quickly called an ambulance to take the tout to hospital.

He said his colleague could have suffered internal injuries as he was unable to stand or sit unaided.

Some touts urged the police to focus on more serious crimes rather than harass them for trying to earn an honest living.

“What crime are we committing? We are working to look after our families and the police should leave us alone and investigate serious crimes.

“We are not thieves, so why harass us? They now make it appear as if the driver whose car hit the tout was wrong when they are the ones who caused the accident,” said Kingston Ndiweni.

Another tout Edmos Ndlovu said: “Police should do their job in the correct way and stop asking for bribes.They should be exemplary because they are law enforcement agents.

“What do they expect people to learn from them?”

Touts and the police play cat-and-mouse games in most towns and cities dicing with the lives of commuters and the innocent public in the process.