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Ugly fight rocks council


A GWANDA Town Council meeting reportedly ended abruptly on Monday after a heated confrontation between the mayor Knowledge Ndlovu and councillor Thulani Moyo over the allocation of a caravan trade site to a resident without following proper procedure.


The commotion allegedly occurred during a council committee session immediately after a full council meeting.

Sources told Southern Eye yesterday that the two, who are reportedly not on talking terms, had to be separated by the town clerk Gilbert Mlilo.

“The wrangle occurred during the council in committee session over a caravan site bay allocation.

“The bay is situated close to the passport office in town,” said the source.

“It is said Moyo allocated the resident a trading bay without following proper council procedures and some councillors, including the mayor, sought clarification on the issue.”

Moyo chairs the housing committee which, among other things, allocates stands and trading zones.

“It was at that point that the confrontation occurred which almost got physical. The TC (town clerk) had to intervene saving the embarrassing moment,” the council source said.

The two were said to have been led to their vehicles separately.

It was not immediately clear whether the caravan matter had been referred to a council committee.

Usually councillors refer certain debates to a council committee to seek further clarification.

According to all council procedures, councillors first debate on items brought before them before passing any resolution in favour or against any subject. Council resolutions are binding, but can be reviewed.

Moyo yesterday confirmed that there was a meeting, but denied that it had degenerated into a near-fist fight.

“I cannot really say it was a physical confrontation, I would be lying,” he said.

“In any case, people cannot share similar views, but my worry now is whoever told you; do they also notify you when I share a joke with Ndlovu?

“Do they also tell you of massive developmental projects that I am doing for the community? I now believe that Southern Eye is all about negative issues.”

There is widespread speculation that Moyo is eyeing the mayoral seat and that Ndlovu might struggle to complete his term.

Moyo said he had heard such talk, but quickly excused himself from discussing the matter further saying he was rushing for the continuation of the meeting.

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