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City woman arrested for fraud over house


A COWDRAY PARK woman was this week locked up in remand cells for allegedly selling her deceased aunt’s house without the knowledge and consent of her children.


Susan Maphala (53) was not asked to plead to fraud when she appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove and was remanded in custody to March 10.

The court heard that Maphala and the complainant Regina Ndau’s mothers were sisters.

Sometime in May 2006, Maphala allegedly stole Ndau’s late mother Hilda Tshuma’s particulars and documents for her house, Block 77/2366, Mpopoma.

Maphala took the documents to the High Court to register the house as part of Tshuma’s estate.

She presented the documents to effect transfer of the house into her name and that of her sibling.

She then registered the house with the deceased’s estate purporting to be the surviving child of the late Tshuma. By means of this misrepresentation, she was appointed the executor of Tshuma’s estate and was authorised to administer and sell the estate.

Maphala then went on to sell the house without the knowledge or consent of Tshuma’s surviving children. This fraudulent activity prejudiced Tshuma’s children of Z$120 million which was the worth of the house then.

Ndau discovered the matter and reported it to the police, leading to Maphala’s arrest.

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