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PoZee shines on ZiFM chart


PROLIFIC kwaito star Mbekezeli Mpofu, aka PoZee, has finally got it right with his latest sizzling hit Abantwana beZim-Zim topping the charts on ZiFM stereo’s Bulawayo top-10 music chart.

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Following its launch, the popular show hosted by Bulawayo’s radio genius Gibson Ncube, several musicians have been passionately canvassing for support to have their tracks voted.

Voting is done via WhatsApp messenger and the Facebook platform designed specifically for the show.

Interestingly, the smashing hit by PoZee is the only kwaito track on the chart, but its waves might redefine the landscape of Bulawayo music with its catchy, eccentric tune fused with hip-hop beats.

They call him the city’s kwaito boy, and this artiste from Bulawayo has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate the dying genré amid criticism which has seen some local kwaito artistes dramatically shifting to the much popular house music genré.

“It feels great and I am humbled to be on number one on the charts since the show is more of house music and rightly house is the latest genré,” the elated musician said on Saturday after the show.

“I am happy that kwaito music is getting full recognition and I promise all my fans to remain true to my roots. Kwaito is my culture and I will continue to safeguard it.”

“Thanks to Ncube for the show which is giving Bulawayo a voice in music across the country. I hope Bulawayo artistes will now start getting endorsement just like Harare artistes,” he added.

The show is the first of its kind dedicated to Bulawayo artistes and it came at a time when Bulawayo artistes were clamouring for recognition especially by the State-run Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation which has been accused of bias towards artistes from the northern region.

PoZee has played a key role in modelling kwaito music to local culture and seemingly fans have rewarded his dedication on ZiFM where his track is getting rave reviews.

Some of his previous jams which the showbiz include Jaiva Njengomuntu Olemali and Higher than Number One.

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