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Prominent doctor’s wife bares all


PROMINENT Bulawayo doctor Danboy Gandanhamo’s wife has accused her husband of neglecting their 32-year-old disabled son.


Eunice (55) said she was suffering while her husband operated surgeries in Bulawayo and Gweru and allegedly spent money on his girlfriend.

Gandanhamo was once involved in a legal wrangle with his wife in 2007 and was fined Z$2 million or 10 days in jail.

He was also given a six-month jail term which was suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour after he allegedly assaulted his wife when she showed him an invitation letter for their son’s graduation ceremony abroad.

Gandanhamo said the letter should have arrived at his surgery first than for him to receive it from her.

He appealed against the conviction and sentence at the High Court and Justice Maphios Cheda upheld his appeal.

Eunice said Gandanhamo had made her life hell as she spends all her time with their disabled son with no help from her husband.

Eunice said she is a qualified nurse, but the doctor stopped her from working.

“He has repeatedly refused to employ people to assist me take care of our son. He only pays me $1 157,” she said when she visited Southern Eye to tell her story.

“The treatment he is giving me is so terrible and traumatising. He has 30 workers at his surgeries in Bulawayo and Gweru and has a girlfriend whom he gives a lot of money.”

Eunice said efforts to divorce her husband collapsed after he had allegedly threatened to kill himself.

“When I told him that we better divorce he said he would kill himself, but he has refused to employ a person to take care of our son because he wants me to be his nurse. He is punishing me,” she said.

However, Gandanhamo dismissed his wife’s claims.

“I cannot say much about that. Only God knows if I am taking care of my family or not,” he said.

“You can go and see for yourself if I am not taking care of my family. If she has problems with me she should have taken the matter to the courts than to the media.

“But since she has come over there to publish our family affair on how I look after my family, I cannot say anything.”

Gandanhamo said Eunice had never said she wanted a person to assist her take care of their son.

“I have never complained about her bringing in more workers to look after my son,” he said.

“We have had about three people doing the job and she is the one who ended up saying there was no need for those people and now we have one girl taking care of the boy. Only God knows what she wants.”

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