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Another Canadian leaves Bosso


FIRST Mobile Academy striker Canadian Philippe Barriault who had been training with former league champions Highlanders, returned to his homeland yesterday as his parents felt he was not getting enough game time.

Philippe Barriault
Philippe Barriault


Barriault has been with Highlanders since February and was scheduled to leave the club in June, but has cut short his stay at the club.

“My parents booked the ticket for me and I am returning to Canada. They think physically I have done well at the club, but I am not getting enough game time,” he said before boarding a plane to South Africa where he will connect to Canada.

He said he now has to prepare for their matches against FC Brugge in July 6-7 and the Dana Cup on July 21-26.

“I have to start working hard and training for the FC Brugge match and the Dana Cup. I am physically fit, but technically there is a lot of work that I still need to work on. I have to train hard to get ready for our match in Belgium in July,” the French-Canadian said.

Barriault said he enjoyed his stay at Bosso and training with the team despite the fact that he has to return.

“It was a nice experience. I enjoyed working with the head coach (Kelvin Kaindu). He is the best coach I have ever met. I enjoyed my stay at Highlanders and I really felt at home. It felt as though it was my second home,” he said.

Barriault played in Highlanders’ training match against the Bosso juniors a couple of weeks ago together with country mates Beychevel Bamana and Jean-Felix Lemieux.

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