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Grace Mugabe son’s workers demand action


THE NATIONAL Mine Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (NMWUZ) has accused Kadoma Deputy Sheriff Otten Tsongolani of failing to execute a High Court order against First Lady Grace Mugabe’s son, Russell Goreraza, in an ongoing labour dispute.


The union obtained a writ of execution to have property at gold-rich Tolrose Mine owned by Goreraza attached and auctioned to recover $339 782 owed to 366 mine workers in outstanding salaries and wages.

But NMWUZ president Tinashe Mugwira said they suspected that the Deputy Sheriff was developing cold feet as shown by his delays in effecting the February 21 Harare High Court order.

“We have a feeling that he could be developing cold feet because the speed at which he is moving is amazingly slow at a time we have information that equipment at the mine is being cannibalised and looted,” Mugwira said.

The union said it was worried that the 14 days property at the mine was to have been attached had lapsed, yet the Deputy Sheriff was doing nothing.

According to return of service documents shown to our sister paper NewsDay, the Deputy Sheriff attached property at Tolrose Mine on February 28 and was supposed to remove it within 14 days.

Tsongolani denied allegations that he was failing to execute the writ or being intimidated saying while he had already attached property at Tolrose Mine, he was awaiting instructions from NMWUZ lawyer Alec Muchadehama to remove the property from the mine.

“I act on the instructions of the court and have nothing to be afraid of . . . you have to talk to the instructing lawyer so that he gives you all the details since we are also waiting for his instructions on how to proceed,” Tsongolani said.

Muchadehama said he had issued instructions to the Deputy Sheriff to remove all property attached at the mine for auction.

“I can confirm that I issued instructions to the Deputy Sheriff in writing that all the property that was attached in connection with this case should be removed from the mine,” he said. “Maybe he has not seen the instructions.”

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