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Government is apolitical, says council


GOVERNMENT departments should provide services to people regardless of their political affiliation, National Manpower Advisory Council (Namaco) commissioner Tendai Bare has said.


Responding to complaints by small-to-medium entrepreneurs that funds meant to fund SMEs were being disbursed along political lines, Bare said it was not government policy to give funds meant for development along political lines.

“The government gives service to everyone whether MDC, handicapped or Zanu PF. If there are civil servants who attend to you along political lines, then you should report them to the responsible authorities,” he said.

Some SMEs had said they were not accessing funds as they had been politicised.

“You mobilise as SMEs youths to come up with projects, but when funds are distributed, some start asking you which political party you belong to,” said one youth from Kwekwe.

Bare said civil servants were meant to assist people and no politics should be involved.

“A civil servant should serve the people; whether you belong to this church or that church, this political party or that party. So it is wrong to serve people along political lines,” she said.

Namaco is a public private partnership whose mandate is to advise the Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development minister on any matter affecting national manpower development and training.

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