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Poultry industry grows 17%


THE poultry industry in Zimbabwe grew by 17% in 2013, after producing over 64 million broiler day old chicks, from 55 million in the previous year, an industry official said.

“The poultry industry continues to achieve new highs. Monthly broiler chick sales broke the six million mark in September and October,” said Solomon Zawe, the chairman of the Zimbabwe Poultry Association.

Broiler meat production from large-scale operators increased to 2,6 tonnes per month, an improvement of 37% over 2012 while estimated total meat production, based on chick sales, increased by 20 percent to nine tonnes per month, he added.

Zawe said the production of eggs by large-scale operators was flat at 25,2 million over the past three years while the total egg production, estimated from day old chick sales increased by 10% over 2012 to 72 million per month.

The industry was concerned about the availability and price of maize, which Zawe said was placing inflationary pressure on the cost of feeds.

“Maize and soya bean consumption continue to increase with the growth of the poultry industry and based on chick sales is estimated to be 21 tonnes per month and 15 tonnes per month,” said Zawe.

Average prices of key raw materials were significantly higher in 2013, especially maize; solvent extracted soya meal; maize bran; wheat bran; meat and bone meal and fishmeal.

“Between January and December, the maize price increased by 12 percent, solvent extracted meal decreased by 7%, wheat bran increased by 12% and maize bran increased by 17%,” he said.

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