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Police boss accuses colleague of spying


THE officer-in-charge of Tsholotsho Police Station Chief Inspector Muyambirwa Muzzah accused a fellow officer who testified against him of spying on him to facilitate his dismissal as a way of seeking revenge.


Muzzah is denying charges of knowingly associating with a criminal, abandoning anti-poaching operations and defying an order to attend a 2013 senior police officers’ meeting.

Appearing before Lupane magistrate Aelene Munamati last Friday, Muzzah said Sergeant Khumalo, who testified against him at the close of the State’s case, had a record of selling out colleagues to bosses and some police officers had been dismissed as a result of his actions.

During cross examination by the State, Muzzah said Khumalo was spying on him.

He said he got information from business people that Khumalo was a dangerous officer. He said Khumalo was targeting him because at some point he corrected him when he blundered at work, although the blunder was not specified. The matter was remanded to April 25 for judgment.

The State has been advised to make submissions on its lead evidence and the accused would then respond before judgment is passed.

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