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7th murder rocks city


A 25-YEAR-OLD Bulawayo man died yesterday after he was allegedly stabbed at a party in Emakhandeni suburb on Saturday night.


Ayibongwe Ncube died at his aunt’s home near Maunga shopping centre after he arrived around 11pm unable to talk and oozing blood from a stab wound in the head. His aunt Ntokozo Ndlovu said Ncube, who had visited her for the weekend, had left home to attend a party in the neighbourhood on Saturday evening.

According to Ndlovu, Ncube was well known in the suburb as he had spent a lot of time at her house while she was still based in South Africa.

“Ayibongwe was no longer staying with us, but he was known in Emakhandeni because he grew up here,” Ndlovu said as she fought back tears.

“He was currently renting in Nketa and had come here for a party.”

She said when Ncube knocked on the door she hesitated to open as she thought there were thieves since she was alone at home.

“At first I tried to ask who it because I was not sure if it was someone I knew since I was alone at home,” Ndlovu said. “He did not respond and went on to knock at my window.”

The terrified aunt called neighbours as Ncube continued to knock without saying anything.

“I then heard him opening the water tap, I peeped through the window and saw him washing his head,” she added.

“When the neighbours came I opened and he got in.

“It was then that we noticed he had what looked like a stab wound in the head and blood stains on his clothes.

“I tried to talk to him, but he could not speak and he was just using signs. I then gave him a paper and pen, but he failed to write anything.”

Ndlovu said Ncube also appeared drunk and that she thought he needed some sleep as his wound did not look life-threatening. His friends called looking for him and she told them he had what appeared like a stab wound.

“I prepared for him to sleep on the sofa and in the middle of the night I heard him fall,” said Ndlovu.

“I went to cover him with blankets.

“I then phoned his parents telling them that he came home drunk and it appeared he was injured.”

Ndlovu realised that Ncube was dead when his parents arrived at 7am and she tried to wake him up.

“As we speak I am told the police have picked up some people who were reportedly fighting at that party and they are currently in police cells,” she said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo said he had not received any report about the suspected murder and the arrests as of yesterday evening.

In just three weeks, the city has recorded seven murder cases, a development that has alarmed the police.

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