Pumula South gets private school


Bulawayo’s Pumula South is set to get a private primary school after 10 Seventh Day Adventist church couples pooled resources together to buy a stand from council.


Galaxy Educators, the company set up by the couples, yesterday unveiled plans to construct the school at a ground-breaking ceremony and revealed that it could open its doors by January next year.

Ekel Ncube, Galaxy Educators chairperson, said the initiative was a community project that would help decongest local schools.

“This day is a dream come true as ideas for this project are being actualised after the prolonged process of acquiring a stand,” he told guests at a ground-breaking ceremony.

“In April 2011 we applied for a stand for this purpose and it took 14 months for the response to come which was heartbreaking as it was initially said the stand in question was not for a primary school.”

Ncube said the Bulawayo City Council then offered the company an alternative stand after they got help from the councillor of the area, Siboniso Khumalo.

“One of the stands which we are standing on today was made available to us in December 5 2012 after the finalisation of the purchase of the stand and registration of the company,” he said.

“For a start we are going to construct ordinary classrooms as depicted on the plans, but the last phase will comprise high rise blocks so that more ground is available for other features deemed necessary in this school.”

Ncube said the school would start by offering Grade One to Five classes. He said teachers would be empowered to use technology in their work.

“This company believes teachers are the core or major cogs to achieve goals it sets out to achieve, so we will help reduce clerical work associated with teachers by negotiating e-scheming with the educational authorities which was agreed to five years ago by the government, but has not been implemented in the ministry,” Ncube said.

He said Galaxy Educators planned to build a secondary school, a supermarket and a college in the area.