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Jumbos overwhelm authorities


THE Hwange Rural District Council and officials from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) have been overwhelmed by the increasing herds of elephants roaming Victoria Falls forcing them to embark on awareness campaigns to teach people how to behave if they encounter the jumbos.



Elephant herds roaming Victoria Falls have become too many to the extent that a villager, Steven Mathe, was trampled to death by a jumbo on Saturday night.

Hwange council vice-chairperson Matthew Muleya yesterday confirmed that they had failed to identify the herd responsible for Mathe’s death, but were engaged in awareness campaigns.

“The bull hasn’t been killed because we could not identify the herd in which it belonged since there are many herds in the area as Victoria Falls sits in a game park. However, officials from Zimparks are on the ground chasing away the elephants from the people,” said Muleya.

“We have embarked on awareness campaigns to teach people how to behave when confronted by elephants. We are urging them to move in groups so that they help each other scare away the jumbos.

“As council, we have already conducted these campaigns in Jambezi and Monde which surround the Victoria Falls town. Very soon we will conduct others in partnership with Zimparks.”

Mathe was reportedly killed at around 7pm close to Masuer dumpsite on his way to visit his wife and children while coming from Chinotimba high-density suburb.

Mathe’s death came three days after Victoria Falls residents raised concerns about the marauding jumbos which have invaded residential areas.

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