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Born frees speak out on independence


SOME youths born in 1980 when Zimbabwe attained its independence from Britain say there is little to celebrate as there are no employment opportunities.


Sithandazile Mloyi (34) from Nkayi said in as much she was employed and had a comfortable job, most of her age mates remained unemployed.

“I have a job and I think it’s quite comfortable though the salary, just like many others, is not enough,” she said.

“However, the generality of people of my age do not have jobs and are finding life very difficult.

“It is hard therefore to celebrate independence because there is little benefit, especially for the youths either of my age or those that are younger.”

Otilia Sibanda (34), a single mother of two from Lupane said Independence Day was just an ordinary day to her and other youths in the country as they were yet to benefit from opportunities that come with independence.

“Despite getting freedom, there is not much to celebrate about independence,” she said.

“The majority of the youths are suffering as they are jobless and some have no access to education.

“These 34 years of independence have been characterised by so much suffering.

“If you are our age and have a house, you are either a thief or working in the diaspora.

“I am an unemployed mother of two and I can’t take care of my children because I am not employed.”

Sibanda said she would not be attending today’s commemorations as she would be busy selling some wares to fend for her family.Zimbabwe-at-34

However, Bulisani Ngwenya (34) said independence should be celebrated as it brought freedom although the country’s youths continued to suffer.

Ngwenya said when he first came to Bulawayo, he worked as a mechanic and later as a security guard but was now into wood cutting.

“The problem is the issue of jobs. If only we could have decent paying jobs,” he said.

“We are happy that the country has freedom and people have their liberties but that is not enough when the youths are not employed.

“The security firm I was working for was closed because the boss did not have premises to operate from.

“Now I am involved in wood cutting and I make very little money to take care of my children.”


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