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Horror movie set to hit screens


BULAWAYO-BASED Rebel Film Productions has produced a horror movie titled Moonlight Cross, probably the first of its kind by local filmmakers set to be premiered next month.

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Rebel Film Productions comprises Mhle Nzima, Gani Phiri and Percy Soko who are all confident the film is going to hit the big screen with a bang and give the film industry, currently under intensive care, a facelift.

A fusion of fantasy and romance, the promisingly scintillating 75-minute horror piece features Nigel Tom, Pride Mpofu, Xanier Dlomo, Faith Mabutho and Ryan Young — promising screen actors.

The film vividly explores the story of a dead lad Cross who is brought to life as a goblin-slave.

“He tricks Gciniwe, the infatuated daughter of his enslavers — the Zara family — into helping him meet his old love Linda.

“Linda has, however, just recovered from the trauma of feeling responsible for Cross’s death and his ‘resurrection’ sends her down a long spiral of denial and resistance,” Nzima the director and script writer explained.

Cross and Linda’s reunion is made difficult by the appearance of Richard, a drunken young man obsessed with unmasking the Zara family’s practice of witchcraft after they killed his father. Richard’s brother Grant is coincidentally Linda’s new classmate and he quickly falls in love with her as they bond over their traumatic lives while Cross struggles to reunite with Linda.

Alerted by Richard’s persistence, the Zara family’s witches ultimately go for blood in a bid to destroy threats to their secrets including Linda, Grant, Richard, and the weak spirit of their daughter, Gciniwe.”

At the apex of the movie, one thing remains constant — Cross’s undying love for Linda and his determination to reunite with her, which in the end he (Cross) dramatically earns.

Co-produced by the three enterprising filmmakers Phiri, Soko and Nzima, the movie features decorated actress and television personality Nyasha “Diva” Mtamangira whose strong background in the film industry is attractive.

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