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Cop in trouble over $2 000 State funds


A SENIOR officer based at Nembudzia Police Station landed into trouble after allegedly embezzling more than $2 000 from fines and sale of stray cattle.


Assistant Inspector Isaac Beta (46), who at the time of committing the offence was member in charge of administration, denied the two counts of theft charges when he appeared before Gokwe resident magistrate Shepherd Mjanja.

Mjanja granted him $200 bail and remanded him to May 6 for trial. He was ordered to surrender his passport to the State.

It was the State’s case that between June 20 2011 and March 20 2014, Beta was in charge of administration at Nembudzia Police Station when he received funds amounting to $1 060 from fines deposits for safe keeping and banking, but he allegedly converted the money to his own use.

In the second count, Beta was alleged to have received $1 222 on September 20 2013 from stray cattle sales by the Gokwe North Rural District Council (GNRDC), but delayed remitting it to the State.

It was alleged that his then officer-in-charge Inspector Augustine Zimbili directed him to return the money to GNRDC as it was no longer procedural to remit such money to police after stray cattle auctions.

Beta, however, allegedly converted the money to his own use instead of returning it to the GNRDC.

The offence came to light when the GNRDC demanded its money and when a follow-up was made, it was discovered that Beta had not returned the money as directed.

He was arrested and nothing was recovered from the embezzled money. In total, Beta allegedly stole $2 282.

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