Fazak to host Fifa World Cup fun park


FAZAK Home and Hyper will host the Fifa World Cup games which kick off on June 12 as the outlet will open a Family Fun Park in Woodlands with all the games being screened live on a 500-inch screen.


The spoke-person for Fazak Home and Hyper, Thomas Shuro said: “On June 12, the entire world will take a notice as the Fifa World Cup kicks off in Brazil.

This month-long event is sure to be captivating and although the Zimbabwean soccer side sadly cannot be there, I know all of you have their. hopes pinned on one nation or another. It is with this in mind that Fazak Home and Hyper will be opening up a Family Fun Park right by the mega one-stop shop in Woodlands,” he said.

“The Fun Park is open to all the members of the public, who have supported Fazak Home and Hyper since 2012 and this is a way we as Fazak Home and Hyper say thank you by providing a safe and enjoyable experience to everybody,” he added.

“The Fazak Home and Hyper director Zak Hawa is a proud soccer enthusiast who played for the Highlanders junior squad and Matabeleland junior soccer sides back in his days. The Family Fun Park is entirely his brainchild, but the support of many others this event will be a big success,” he said.

The Fun Park will screen all games starting at 6pm (local time) and will incorporate fun activities for the children such as jumping castle, five–a-side soccer and face painting.