Cop evicted from Ross Camp

AN officer based at Ross Camp, who was dismissed from the force after being deemed unsuitable for police duties, was on Friday evicted from the camp despite appealing against discharge.


Southern Eye saw his property, that includes a bed, chairs and kitchen cabinet, outside Hostel B at Ross Camp.

Constable Thando Siziba said he lost $200 which was hidden between the base and mattress of his bed and has asked his former superiors to return his money.

Siziba, who was stationed at ZRP Transtech in Bulawayo, has also filed a theft report at Mzilikazi Police Station.

Last Friday, Siziba wrote to Superintendent Pilate Moyo, Chief Superintendent Rita Msina and a Chief Inspector Taduwa, highlighting his plight.

“On May 5 2014, I received a police radio of my discharge as unsuitable for police duties. On May 8 2014, I served my appeal against discharge at the Police Service Commission in Harare in accordance with the law,” wrote Siziba in a letter obtained by Southern Eye dated May 9.

“To my greatest shock and sadness, the ZRP camps authorities sent subordinates to my residence in my absence and removed my property from the room, disregarding my appeal.

“I have since discovered that my $200 that I had hidden between my mattress and my base had vanished into thin air. The members of the police force of the delegation which was headed by Sergeant-Major Calistos are the ones who removed my property and I believe they are the ones who secured my money (sic).

“Unfortunately they are denying having seen the cash which is a clear indication of malice and dishonesty. May your office intervene and save me from unnecessary suffering, embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of the camp authorities until my appeal is determined.

“I appeal to your office to impress upon the ZRP Ross Camp command to return my $200. I had been holding onto the money expecting to use it in case of any eventuality since the situation was telling me something could happen.”

Siziba said he and his family slept in the open on Friday and had now moved his family to his rural home in Mberengwa.

“I am not sure whether any item is missing. However, on Tuesday I was contacted and promised that the property would be returned to my room, but nothing happened. I am currently forced to beg for overnight accommodation from friends,” said Siziba.

He said another police officer quickly moved into the room he was using on Friday.

Acting Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Abednico Ncube said he was not aware of the incident.

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