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Mayor’s message for Bulawayo at 120 years


Bayethe Bulawayo.

TODAY is a memorable day to the City of Bulawayo as we celebrate 120 years of existence as a modern settlement.

I am proud to be the mayor as the city achieves this historic milestone. When on June 1, 1894 Leander Jameson officially declared Bulawayo as a settlement, I do not think he envisaged that this city would grow to the Bulawayo that we have today.

The new half built settlement, has grown to be a force to reckon with and one that has become synonymous with growth in our country.

Today, Bulawayo is one of the country’s most attractive cities, with a pleasing mixture of Victorian and modern architecture which gives it a unique character. The spirit of ubuntu has remained an integral part of our people’s culture and has defined the nature of Bulawayo.

The enthusiasm and love of the residents has contributed immensely to the growth of Bulawayo.

Men and women have made Bulawayo what it is today and it has been their sweat and tears that have led to the great developments that have taken place. It has been their advocacy that has resulted in great policies that have become synonymous with our city.

It is their unity of purpose that has resulted in the great milestones that have been achieved in Bulawayo. We have come to know residents as innovative, confident, honest, true and transparent and we have come to admire that. The infrastructure that stands today has been built by great sons and daughters of Bulawayo.

The pride that we have for Bulawayo Kontuthu Ziyathunqa has been because you have made it become what it is. As we celebrate 120 years, I call on all residents to remember that we are here because of you, and the future of Bulawayo also lies in our hands.

This Sunday morning, we remember the arrival of the first train in Bulawayo in 1897. Today, the banner of the train enacting the historic journey reads “Forward Bulawayo” and we set the pace for development of a great and wonderous city that will be able to sustain the livelihoods of its residents and also make a mark in the global economy.

We champion economic revival and call upon Bulawayans to work with us in retaining our pride as the country’s commercial capital.

Today, we mark the official start of the celebrations and I invite you to participate in the various activities that have been lined up for you through out the year. Join us as we celebrate 120 years of unmatched excellence.

Masiye Phambili!

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