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Mpilo Hospital lures donors


MPILO Central Hospital is planning to hold a donor conference in August to raise funds for the rehabilitation of the health institution that is struggling to provide sound health delivery services to thousands of patients.


The hospital was built in 1957 for a population of about 80 000, but is unable to cope with the current Bulawayo population as well as referral patients from other surrounding health facilities.

The hospital needs at least $15 million for rehabilitation.

Funds raised during the donor conference would be channelled towards hospital infrastructure, plant and equipment rehabilitation.

According to a document seen by Southern Eye, hospital officials have roped in Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi-Moyo to give weight to the conference.

“You are kindly invited to note that Mpilo Central Hospital arrived at this decision on the advice of our various local and international friends of Mpilo Central Hospital who felt that the proposed donor’s conference could make a bigger impact if it was hosted at ministerial levels and not by Mpilo Central Hospital,” part of the letter dated April 14, 2014, reads.

Heath minister David Parirenyatwa has granted the hospital the green light to hold the conference on August 21. The hospital has a five-year strategic plan aimed at turning the health facility into “a centre of excellence in the provision of a holistic health service as well as training and research opportunities in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa and globally”.

“It is noted that a vision is nothing but a mere dream if it is not implemented, hence this proposed donor’s conference that is hoped to go a long way in harnessing adequate resources that will complement and support the Health and Child Care ministry funding efforts and expedite implementation of critical activities highlighted in the strategic plan 2013 to 2017.

“It is projected that the resources raised through the donor’s conference shall be targeted to hospital infrastructure, plant and equipment rehabilitation. It is noted that most of the hospital infrastructure plant built in 1957 faces several challenges due to lack of preventive maintenance resulting in infrastructure being broken down and dilapidated.

“The hospital roofs are leaking causing damage to infrastructure, wares need rehabilitation.”

The document states that out of 12 hospital theatres, only four are “fairly functional; of the 10 hospital elevators, only three are functional, while three out of the eight hospital autoclaves are functional with the laundry department having no reliable equipment forcing the hospital to utilise the use of private laundries”.

“A needs assessment on infrastructure, plant and equipment was carried out by Mpilo Central Hospital and the Public Works Department in which an estimated $15 640 000 is needed to rehabilitate the hospital infrastructure, plant and equipment.”

According to the document, of the $15 million sought, an estimated $500 000 would be for refurbishing the student nursing home, $600 000 for sprucing up staff residence while a new administrative block would cost an estimated $1 million and a further $400 000 going towards the maternity theatre.

Completion of a new mortuary that would carry 180 bodies would require $1,5 million with a new mortuary chapel taking $300 000.

Lecture heaters and functions hall require $500 000, warehouse for general stores and pharmacy ($620 000) and road network would require $800 000.

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