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Residents reel under water cuts


PUMULA South residents have been hit hard by water shortages and called on the Bulawayo City Council to find an immediate solution to the crisis that has turned their lives into a daily nightmare.


Bulawayo mayor Martin Moyo said there was no immediate solution to the problem as council had no money as the booster pump to solve the problem was costly.

Two sections of Pumula South – Habek and Ngwalongwalo – have access to water only from around midnight to 4am on a daily basis.

A resident Theophelus Mbele said it was unfair that they were affected by the council’s bankruptcy yet other suburbs had adequate water supplies.

“What makes it unfair is that we are the most affected residents. We know there is water-shedding, but why should Pumula be the one that is mostly affected? Is it because we are a high-density suburb or we are not important like the residents of Hillside or Selbourne Park?” he quizzed.

Mbele said council had failed to explain to residents why they were particularly bearing the brunt of the local authority.

Another resident Nobuhle Ncube said council had been disconnecting water supply to residents for failing to pay their water bills, but there was now no difference as even those who owe council nothing were subjected to long daily water cuts.

“Council is in the habit of disconnecting water supply to some residents and that should mean more water for the city. Moreover some of us pay faithfully, but we still struggle to access what we pay for,” Ncube said.

Sithandazile Hadebe said council should deliver water using bowsers during the day.

“The council has to see to it that they deliver water to the affected areas on a daily basis or at least four times a week because it is hard to store water that lasts for a long period considering that the water is not available every day,” Hadebe said.

Last Thursday, residents petitioned council complaining about prolonged periods without water on a daily basis despite the fact that there was currently no water-shedding in the city.

Residents have to get up each night to fill up containers, something which they say is making their lives difficult.

Residents complained that they have continued to receive high water bills although they seldom have water.

Council has previously said some areas did not sometimes have water because they were located on high ground since water moves by gravitational force, not through pumping.

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