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‘Baba Jukwa’ kept in jail


THE Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi who is facing banditry and terrorism charges, was yesterday remanded to July 7 and advised to seek bail at the High Court since his offence is regarded as highly sensitive and falls under the jurisdiction of the higher court.


His lawyer Admire Rubaya indicated to the court that he would file the High Court application before end of day yesterday.

Kudzayi (28) appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe clad in prison garb and in leg irons. He is suspected to be the brains behind the shadowy Facebook character and blogger known as Baba Jukwa who allegedly published or communicated sensitive statements deemed prejudicial to the State.

He also faces a separate charge of failing to secure ammunition in contravention of the Firearms Act.

Before announcing the new remand date, Chikwekwe conceded to the defence’s application for removal of leg irons on Kudzayi.

Kudzayi spent the weekend in custody following his dramatic arrest last Thursday.

The State claims that Kudzayi, his brother Philip Tawanda and others still at large, planned to unseat the government through unconstitutional means before July 31 2013 elections through the creation of the controversial Facebook page Baba Jukwa.

According to police investigations, Kudzayi and his alleged accomplices reportedly created a Gmail account called babajukwa2013@gmail.com using an Econet line number 0771 446 541 registered in Phillip’s name.

The State further alleged Kudzayi planned and organised with some of his colleagues calling themselves, the Gunda Nleya Brigade and Zimbabwe Revolutionary Army, to overthrow the government “through waging a war”.

Pursuant to their plans, it is alleged, Kudzayi, posted articles on the Baba Jukwa Facebook page which reportedly encouraged rebellion against the government if the July 31 general elections “were stolen” by Zanu PF.

The State also alleges that on August 7 2008 Kudzayi published an article in the Zimbabwe Mail website attacking President Robert Mugabe.

In the said article according to the State, Kudzayi went on to “falsely label the president a dictator who commits gross human rights abuses” and further accused him of having stolen the 2008 elections.

He allegedly labelled Mugabe “a tyrant” and land grabber who seized land from white farmers and distributed it among his cronies.

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