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Rape, violence ‘castrate the mind’


NORMAL and caring people all over the world are dreaming of a world without rape and violence.

This dream can be made a reality if all of us as human beings can understand what it is to love onee another.

All forms of violence against other fellow humans are a result of poisoned relationships largely born out of an inability to love one another.

Human relationships are all based on love. Love is the foundation and the oil for human relationships and when love is missing or is perverted, violence takes centre stage.

According to creation, love for one another is supposed to be the guiding principle for living. All human life is based on love.

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself.”

I am not very sure if we all understand the depth of this commandment and life principle. How much do you love yourself? What do you do to yourself to manifest your love? That is exactly what you should be doing to the next person. If we did this, no one would rape another.

No one would kill, shoot, hurt, bewitch and do any evil against another being. The law of love which is the foundation of life does not allow evil against what it loves.

Rape and any form of sexual violence against women and little girls is work against life itself. Rape is not even lust, but cold heartedness and murder and a clear doctrine of the demon world. It is a fruit of a confused soul or mindset.

It is hatred against fellow human beings and it is therefore fundamentally important for the whole world to try and engage this “enemy” for the peace of our mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters.

However, the million dollar question is how to contain this enemy.

A lot has been suggested and is still being suggested. Capital punishment, castration, and life imprisonment have all been suggested as responsive means of stopping this madness. I do not intend, throwing these away like that, but I want to look at this issue from another perspective.

A wrong can never make right another wrong. Evil does not make evil good. Hanging and castrating these confused people is not much of a solution. Yes, they can instill “fear”, but fear is not corrective but is as oppressive and corruptive.

Fear is actually the bedrock of most evils perpetuated against humanity. I am an advocate of justice in its fullest sense.

However, I believe in corrective, restorative justice. Punishing alone does not stop or take away the bad behaviour or mindset. Instead of castrating the male organ, let us castrate the mind.

The main culprit here is not the organ. The organ is abused too and if it had a way it would sue for abuse and damages. The culprit is the MIND.

We need to deal with the mindset that has been poisoned by human cultures, traditions, religions and many other demonic doctrines that human nature has embraced as a way of living.

 We need to look into our culture and tradition carefully and identify those teachings and beliefs that give birth to such violence, be it sexual, political, domestic and otherwise.

You will realise that this rape issue has been there since time can remember and our cultures found a way of ‘hiding’ it and thus accepting it as part of human life.

Now it is out of hand and we must act culturally to destroy it.

 We need to look into our “religions” as a people and identify those false and lunatic teachings that have given rise not only to rape but to domestic violence and abuse of women in particular. The satanic teaching and the thinking that women are inferior and are cursed has given rise to this and has caused human cultures to accept this abuse as normal and as God-given.

One reason for violence against women in the whole world is the strange belief that only men( male human) is in the image of God and he is superior and is blessed of God and the woman is inferior and not blessed.

This is the lie that has brought about all this confusion. I challenge everyone, to go and read Genesis 1, 2 and 3 with soberness and understanding and then perhaps talk to me about it.

We need to correct this and expose the lie if we are going to successfully contain this violence. Religion and culture are powerful in shaping human life values and views and relationships.

We therefore must be careful and teach positive and accurate things if we are to promote human relationships that add value to human life and glorify God in the end.

It is my prayer that rape and violence against women would be curtailed. I believe it and I give all my support to all efforts against this and also my counsel to both perpetrators and their victims.

I have a dream of a world without rape and violence.

 Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counselling consultant and author of The sex trap.

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