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Mpofu fires salvo


TRANSPORT and Infrastructural Development minister Obert Mpofu yesterday declared that all kraal and village heads belonged to Zanu PF and those who did not support the party must be removed.


Speaking at an Umguza District Agricultural Show held at Redwood Farm along the Victoria Falls Road, Mpofu said kraal and village heads were put into power by Zanu PF and should therefore serve the interests of the party.

“All village heads must be responsible for the party (Zanu PF) affairs because they were put in power by Zanu PF and if they are failing to deliver they should be replaced,” he said.

“Those who are saying they are there to promote development are lying and should be examined.

“I would like to challenge all village heads who are saying they do not belong to Zanu PF to stand up and we fire them.”

He said only chiefs did not belong to Zanu PF because chieftaincy lineages were known. Mpofu also warned land beneficiaries saying they should utilise it or risk having it repossessed.

“It is very painful that some people who benefited from the land reform programme are still failing to utilise the land they were given. I would like to tell them that the government is undertaking a land audit and all those who are failing to utilise it will lose the land,” he said.

“Others are vandalising the infrastructure and we are saying no to that. We appeal to the committee that will spearhead the programme to take stock concerning the issue. Right now we are importing grain from Zambia yet the party (Zanu PF) gave you land to do farming.”

Mpofu said he was the one parcelling out land during the land reform programme from 2000, but did not benefit from it.

“I don’t have land and I rent a farm from the Cold Storage Company and I pay every month, yet I was the one issuing land to people,” Mpofu said.

He also challenged farmers to work hard and not to put their trust in traditional healers saying they were liars. He said people who placed their hope in inyangas were failures. The show was poorly attended with few farmers showcasing their produce and livestock.

Sam Ncube was adjudged the overall winner and scooped several prizes, including a wheelbarrow, a bag of stockfeed, two fruit trees for planting, a spray and chemicals.

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