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Hip-hop rocks Christians


Man in Christ (MIC) sing an irregular christian lyric that leans a lot on hip-hop.

Gospel lovers view the group as rebels. They see their music as vital.

Some critics have said their genré comes dangerously close to how the non-believing artistes act.

MIC, believe that hip-hop is a great way of engaging with non-believers with the gospel and with Christianity in general.

They believe it is a great way to reach the types of people who love hip-hop.

While they do not sing about scandalously clothed women, fancy cars, drugs and all the bling, they have adopted the hip-hop culture dress style of flat caps, baseball jerseys and sneakers.

The unsigned group was formed in March 2013 and met in Nketa and Nkulumane suburbs where they hail from.

“We discovered we had the same passion and one common cause which is to glorify God through our music.

“It has not been an easy road, we are Christian rappers and hip- hop has always been viewed as an unconventional way of spreading the gospel and we are trying to break down that wall,”the group said.

Their lyrics are clean and glorify Jesus Christ, targeted mostly at the youths, addressing issues such as premarital sex, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, peer pressure, addressing faulty doctrine and promoting sound doctrine.

They blend a style of hip-hop similar to American Christian group 116 Clique who are Grammy nominees, despite all the criticism that their music smells too much like the world (circular music).

Made out of artistes in their own right, Tawanda Denga (32), aka T 1nda, Billman Dube (24), Casper Mapurisa (25), aka Tha Cypha, Tinashe (18), aka Luminous, they have performed individually before the group formed in prestigious events such as “Unashamed Africa Tour” concert, held in November 2011 hosted by American Christian rap group 116 Clique at Word of life International conference centre and curtain raised for Jamaican ragga singer Chevelle Franklyn at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in 2011.

The group which debuted the music scene with the single Let it bang which has been making waves on ZifM Bulawayo top 10 charts from May to date, have their own homegrown offerings such as Carry the cross and Uzenza bani.

They have performed at numerous places such as Orphanages, Churches and high schools around Bulawayo.

“Our message is directed to the youth who are most vulnerable, they battle with self-identification and they are easily lured into habits that are self destructive.

we also target orphanages to fulfil what Christ has commissioned us in his word to do. he urges that true Christianity is when we minister to the lonely, afflicted and deserted,” the group said.

The group organised a march in April dubbed “Cross March” where they carried a cross around the Bulawayo central business district spreading a message derived from Luke 9 v23: “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.

“To pick up a cross is dying to self, not gratifying fleshy desires and being a disciple of Jesus.”

Currently the group is on tour around Bulawayo dubbed Rebuild the City when they are preaching the gospel and ministering at schools, homes and churches.

The group is working on their debut album at Face the Music studio which has a similar title to the tour to be released before the end of this year.

It will carry the famed single Let it Bang, amoung other tracks.

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