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DA adamant on chief


ZVISHAVANE district administrator Nyashadzashe Zindove yesterday said Luxon Nyoni will remain as Chief Masunda despite an appeal lodged at the High Court by Jonyo Fofo contesting the appointment.


Zindove said Nyoni had already been appointed by President Robert Mugabe before Fofo’s appeal and all procedures were followed.

“Let me make it clear that Nyoni will remain Chief Masunda until President Mugabe, who appointed him decides to have him step down.

“Fofo’s appeal was only meant to disrupt the celebrations, but the appointment had already been done and Nyoni had already received his regalia together with his chieftainship powers,” he said.

Zindove said despite the appeal filed by Fofo, the Masunda chieftainship was filled and would not become vacant.

“The appeal does not make the chieftainship vacant . . . it had already been approved by all authorities above board hence the court may proceed to hear Fofo’s appeal, but I don’t think the appeal is going to succeed,” he said.

A Masunda clan elder Chasauka Hungwe said according to the family’s lineage, Fofo was number five and the Vengesa family number three hence his appeal to topple Nyoni was null and void.

“Fofo is number five and there are two other families ahead of him, so until those families’ chances pass, the Fofos have to await their turn,” Hungwe said.

The Masunda chieftainship wrangle has raged on since 2010 after Chief Masunda passed away at the age of 102.

The late Chief Masunda’s son Simon Hungwe acted as a helper to his father in old age and served for four years from 2010 and was refusing to pass on the baton to the next family.

Decedents and sub-families from the Mashandure, Vambe, Chasura, Tirivangani, Mavhuna, Mbungani, Masunda, Gwese, Mafuwe, Harazanye, Mhiri, Mapingure, Fofo, Msariri, Madhobhi, Njese and Gava had been fighting to succeed the late centurion.

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