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Uncle jailed for rape


A 19-YEAR-OLD man from Mahatshula in Bulawayo will spend an affective 10 years in jail for raping his five-year-old niece.


The man was convicted by Bulawayo Regional Court magistrate Trynos Wutawashe after he pleaded guilty to the charge.

Wutawashe sentenced the man to 15 years in prison, but five years were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within this period.

The girl’s mother told the court that she had left her daughter in the custody of her uncle while she went to the neighbouring house.

“I left my daughter with him hoping I would come back as early as possible.

“I never thought he would rape my daughter since I was away just for a few minutes,” she said.

According to the State’s outline, the uncle carried his niece to her mother’s bedroom and placed her on the bed as soon as her mother went out.

He removed her panties and raped her.

“When I got home, the door to my bedroom was opened a bit and I saw him raping my child,” the girl’s mother said.

“I called my neighbour, who came and caught him in the act (of raping the child) and took him to the police.”

The uncle told the court that he did not know why he had raped his little niece saying it “just happened and I am not proud of it. I regret it.”

“May the court exercise leniency when passing judgment as I will never do this again,” he said.

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