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Zanu PF angers villagers


VILLAGERS from Tshelanyemba in Matobo South say they are now reluctant to contribute towards the construction of accommodation for registry workers accusing Zanu PF of highjacking their project recently.


Lovemore Ncube, chairperson of the committee that built the Ntandokazulu Birth and Death Registry office at Tshelanyemba business centre, said villagers had committed to building houses for workers, but have had a change of heart after Zanu PF hijacked the presentation of the building to the government.

Zanu PF in the district allegedly misrepresented to the government that the building was a party project when Senior Minister Simon Khaya Moyo officially opened the new registry offices.

“Khaya Moyo came here on August 2 and officially opened the registry saying it had been built by Zanu PF when it was a villagers, churches and local business people’s project,” Ncube said.

“Politics is now hindering development in our area. We thought on the day of commissioning the registry Chief Malaba was going to hand over keys to Khaya Moyo, but our chief was made to read vote of thanks remarks, so we are now saying let Zanu PF build accommodation for the government employees.

“Villagers were not thanked during the ceremony and they feel they are no longer part of the project and their development initiatives are being taken lightly,” Ncube said.

A Tshelanyemba villager, Winnet Gumbo, said intruders hijacked their project and villagers were no longer interested in continuing with it.

“Intruders hijacked the entire project and now people no longer want to carry on with what we started in earnest. They should have let the chief hand over the keys to Khaya Moyo and not what happened,” Gumbo said.

However, Chief Malaba said people must not be divided by politics as that would hinder development in the community.

“People in the area must not let politics divide them because it will only do more harm than good,” he said.

“We know you news people write what people would not have said, go and write good or bad about my area.

“The project was a good thing to the community and l do not understand you when you say people are complaining.”

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