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New paradigms needed in doing business: Expert


AN internationally-acclaimed executive coach and leadership development facilitator has challenged the Bulawayo business community to come up with alternative strategies of doing business, saying old patterns are swiftly becoming obsolete and irrelevant to the current economic climate.

Jonah Nyoni
Own Correspondent

Dumisani Magadlela, who was the main speaker at a business seminar hosted by Harvest House International over the weekend, said a paradigm shift was urgently needed as Bulawayo sought to revive its “dead” economy.

“Chicken thinking plus chicken talk equals chicken walk. It is tougher to soar with the eagles when you have to live with the chickens,” Magadlela said.

He emphasised the issue of personal internal success first which would eventually spill into proper thinking patterns.

“In business, in life and in everything else, what we think of more often eventually becomes part of our lives” he added.

Currently, Magadlela works for the Developmental Bank of Southern Africa. He is a certified business coach and his services have been used in Africa and beyond.

Previously, he worked for the United Nations Development Programme. He holds a PhD in Development Sociology from the Wageningen University of the Netherlands.

Some of the prominent companies represented at the seminar included Old Mutual, BanABC, FBC and ABUZ.

More people have been left jobless in Zimbabwe and as a result entrepreneurship is where most people are eking out their living from. Due to the economic meltdown in the country, most Bulawayo companies have been left as shells with no activity.

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