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Farmer defies Mugabe aide


FIGTREE farmer David Connolly has vowed to stay put on his farm despite renewed efforts by deputy chief secretary to the president and Cabinet Ray Ndhlukula to push him out.


Ndhlukula recently deployed his workers and equipment at Connolly’s Centenary Farm disrupting farming activities. This is despite the fact that he was interdicted by the High Court in June from interfering with operations at the property.

“I have not stopped with my farming activities and that is guaranteed by the High Court order,” Connolly said.

“However, Ndhlukula’s people took my irrigation equipment to their place, but I managed to retrieve the pipes.”

He said Figtree police said they could not enforce the High Court order “but will only intervene when I am physically attacked”.

Connolly turned to the courts when Ndhlukula reportedly continued interfering with his farming operations despite the interim order seeking to have the top civil servant held in contempt of court.

However, it was in his opposition to the application of contempt of court that Ndhlukula revealed he got the farm with President Robert Mugabe’s authority.

On Thursday last week, about 12 men who claimed to be Ndhlukula’s “sons” descended on the disputed Centenary Farm with their belongings, including food, saying they had been sent by their “father” to the land.

Connolly has sought protection from the courts and an interdict barring Ndhlukula from occupying and interfering with operations at the farm pending a determination by the High Court on the validity of the farm’s acquisition that was granted on June 17.

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