“WHY ME?” is almost a natural question that we ask ourselves whenever we are faced with challenges or crises.

It can be a good question to help us find out what our contributions could be to whatever situation confronts us.

This does not mean that we have contributed to everything that has ever happened to us. It is positive to know things and to find out so we can carry out some corrective measures.

Very few of us get into a situation with an attitude to know, correct and move on. Many of us get into whatever situation and develop a blame attitude and fail to correct and get trapped.

The why me question or attitude has become a trap to many and a graveyard to others.

Many people who ask themselves this question are not suggesting there could be a way out but are merely saying they are victims.

They ask “why me?” from a victim point of view. They ask it with a sense of condemnation and a feeling of rejection.

They feel life is cruel to them and they are very vulnerable and cannot do anything about their condition.

I think this is what defeats a lot of our people in this life.

You see, you will not overcome anything when you see yourself a victim everywhere. If “why me?” makes you a victim and helpless, you had better not ask it. I think we have many victims of this attitude than of perceived crises or challenges.

I am not trying to be rude but, how many of our people are imprisoned by this why me syndrome in widowhood, opharnhood, in divorce and many other situations and circumstances? Many stay in the deception of this attitude and never rise up again.

You might have lost things, job, company, farm, loved ones, but do you know that it is not helpful for you to stay there condemning yourself, getting angry every day and losing your life, time and future?

“Why me?” does not bring back anything and does not possess the future either.

It is a giving up attitude. The last thing you want to do is to give up in a valley.

In Luke 15 we read of the story of a prodigal son.

He wasted his inheritance in reckless living and before he knew it, he had nothing left. He had lost it all and was desperate.

He got himself a job in the fields and ate with pigs.

He would have stayed there and sung to himself the “why me?” tune and I am sure he would have died there and his body thrown to dogs. But the Bible says that “When he came to his senses”, he made a life changing decision.

You see, while you are down mourning, grieving, condemning, cursing, bitter and asking “why me?” it is prudent to come to your senses and decide. Where you are is not the right “place”. There is no future in it.

The young man challenged himself to “arise and go to the father” and surrender himself even as a slave to his own father. You know the whole story. But all I am saying to you today is:

Come to your senses. Yes, pain has clouded you but you can come back to yourself. The Bible teaches in Romans 12:2 that we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Never allow any situation in life to rob you of yourself.

Make a decision to come out of that trap, situation or circumstance.

It’s only you who can decide. No one can do it for you.

It does not matter the pain or magnitude of your loss, you can overcome it if you choose to.

Lift up your eyes and see life on the other side of your circumstances.

I can assure you, it is better and attainable.

Victory comes when you see the better side of things. Sometimes it takes boldness to overlook your current circumstances and look ahead.

You get robbed and cheated by seeing no hope from where you are. There is always a way out.

Arise and walk out. Arise and get back to yourself. Arise and get back home. Arise and get back to the Father.

Victory comes when we step out of things by faith even if we are not sure of what lies ahead. Situations and circumstances are defeated when we stand up and walk out of their grip and deception in our minds.

Life on the other side of your circumstances is ready to welcome you.

Arise and get there.

All I am saying to you is stop mourning now, get up and get on with the journey of life. It is better ahead than where you are.

Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counseling consultant and author of Responding to Personal Crisis. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207 or +263 712 384 841.

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