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Zaoga holds Worship Festival 2


ZAOGA Bulawayo City Tabernacle holds the Worship Festival 2 on Friday night — a Christian event that will see various collaborations by church and gospel groups.


Organisers of the event said the aim of the festival was to unite all Bulawayo churches in worshiping God and fighting one enemy — the devil.

Different artistes have been invited including minister Takesure Zama from Harvest House International church as well as pastor Haisa from Zaoga Harare.

Other Bulawayo gospel groups like Zaoga BRC, Vocal Ex, Destiny Praise, Eagle life, Highway Praise, Ufic choir and many others will also be present to serve one purpose of worshiping God.

Abraham Sibanda, the event organiser told the Southern Eye the event came as a result of the church hosting interdenominational events where a number of churches were invited to unite together in doing God’s business.

“We took a vision of uniting Bulawayo through worship having been inspired by events like Explore and Today’s Women which used to happen in Harare including various denominations coming together as one,” he said.

“Our aim is to create this unity among churches of Bulawayo by serving one purpose of offering to God as a united city.”

The theme scripture of the event is from Psalms 22 v3 whereas the statement of the event is “Lift him up and get a lifting”.

Reason Sibanda, district pastor, cemented the idea of building unity among Bulawayo churches, having a relationship and the mind-set that they are a family in Christ.

“The aim is taking Bulawayo from one level of glory to the other and this is only done when we as churches, unite not as denominations, but as one big family fighting the common enemy which is the devil,” Sibanda said.

Pastor Hilary Mwale encouraged all Bulawayo churches to participate in lifting and praising God with the same mind in unity.

“People should throw away the mind of belonging to a church, but have one of being a child of God. That way we can be a city that fears God,” he said.

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