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Beware of Chinese, Zanu PF MP warns


CONTROVESIAL Kwekwe Central legislator Masango Matambanadzo yesterday said some Chinese nationals working in Zimbabwe are only interested in plundering the country’s resources.


Matambanadzo, a self-confessed Grade 2 dropout, said he had been to China where he interacted with genuine Chinese people that were different from those in Zimbabwe.

The MP was among a group of legislators who were reportedly stranded in the Asian country after missing a plane while on shopping early this year.

Matambanadzo made the remarks at the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (Zela)-organised alternative mining indaba in Bulawayo after delegates registered their displeasure at the mismanagement of some the country’s community share ownership trusts (CSOT).

“We have to vet the Chinese who come to invest here,” he said.

“Others are just here to plunder resources. We should investigate where they are coming from and where their money is coming from.

“Some Chinese investors in Zimbabwe have partnerships with our enemies such as the United States and Britain. They are used as fronts,” he said while attacking the lack of corporate social responsibility practices by Chinese-owned companies.

“China is our best friend and we should support the Look East Policy as the President (Robert Mugabe) has said, but we should vet their investments. Maybe some of them are fronting companies for Americans. Therefore, we have to be careful because some are mafia.

“Real Chinese people invest in companies they operate in, but not some of these we have here,” he said to applause from delegates.

Several Chinese businesspeople have appeared in court for ill-treating their local workers.

Zimbabwe has had frosty relationships with both Britain and the United States while trying to forge business relationships with China. Mugabe recently travelled to China where he signed mega deals worth $9 billion.

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