I trapped Mujuru: Grace

“There is no doubt that she is a centre of their power. She will soon be placed on the same level as the president.”

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe may have all but revealed that she was spying on Vice-President Joice Mujuru after she sensationally claimed that she had video recordings of the Vice President speaking ill of the First Family.


Addressing about 1 000 college students and party youths at her Mazowe Children’s Home, Grace said she always wondered why Mugabe was not keen on kicking Mujuru out of office given the overwhelming evidence they had against her.

 Vice-President Joice Mujuru
Vice-President Joice Mujuru

She said she had a video of Mujuru, dressed in a mini-skirt, talking to someone saying “rotten” things about the First Lady being greedy.

“I trapped her, I said I don’t want to listen to gossip, but to trap her,” Grace said.

In the said video, Mujuru is alleged to have said Grace was forcing “that old man to remain in power because of greed”.

The First Lady then added onto her allegations that Mujuru was plotting against President Robert Mugabe, a political grandmaster, who would have the last laugh.

“We went for elections last year and before year-end, you want Mugabe to go, that’s failure to use discretion to show that you lacked advice where you came from,” she said to wild applause from her youthful audience, which in turn threatened to spill blood in defence of the First Family.

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

“Don’t take risks unnecessarily.

“If you can’t accept that leadership is from God, you lose the plot. You can’t be number one in extortion, number one in corruption and number one in plotting against the party. It amounts to treason. You can’t remove the grandmaster, you can’t do that.

“You can’t fool around with the grandmaster. He is quiet, but with his voice, he will have the last laugh.”

Grace remarks came a day after Mujuru issued a statement denying the charges and threatening legal action against party officials and media organisations making false accusations against her.

Grace revealed that after her provincial “meet the people tours” she felt sick because “demons associated with money that she had cast out were stubborn”.

“My sin is that I wasn’t telling Mugabe to step down for Mujuru,” she said.

“I asked the president if they agreed on that and he said he didn’t understand that.

“They say outgoing women’s league secretary Oppah Muchinguri and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa are fooling me.

“I have brains in my head. There is not even one day I was told what to say by the president.

 Oppah Muchinguri
Oppah Muchinguri

“She must resign forthwith. She is not seeing that the writing is on the wall in bold print saying we no longer want you, you showed us you are not competent.

“If she is a person who needs respect, she should tender her resignation today.”

Grace said Mujuru should not blame her late husband former army general Solomon Mujuru, for her woes, saying if she had realised she was a beneficiary of corruption, she would not have claimed the ill-gotten inheritance.

“Let’s not blame the dead, why inherit things not properly acquired,” she charged.

“Stop hiding behind a finger. We don’t want that, she must stop it.”

Speaking at the same event, Zimbabwe College Students Union (Zicosu) acting president Leopold Chakanyuka said party youths were ready to take up arms and defend Mugabe and the First Family from those plotting against them.

“As youths, if it means we can go to war and hold guns to protect President Mugabe, we will do that,” he declared.

“You can’t do anything to Gushungo. Anyone who comes between you and the president has declared war. If they want war we will take guns because you and the president are untouchable and your family is untouchable.”

Secretary-general of the Zimbabwe National Youth Service (NYS) Graduates’ Association Absalom Madususu said youths were ready to shed blood in defence of Mugabe.

“Even blood will be spilt to defend you,” he said.

NYS national commander Kelvin Murapa said Cabinet must be dissolved immediately to get rid of corrupt leaders and those who care less about the youths. The youths accused Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha of denying youths access to land.

Harare youth league chairman Godwin Gomwe said they would block from congress everyone who criticised Mugabe either in newspapers or social media.

Youth league deputy secretary in the politburo, Kudzai Chipanga, once aligned to the Mujuru camp, for the second time chanted anti-Mujuru slogans and said he had left them for good.

“Last time I chanted the slogan pasi neGamatox and before I even took my seat, I received phone calls with people saying I had sold out,” he said.

“Today I am making another slogan and don’t call me again, down with Mujuru, down with Gamatox.”

Chipanga said as youths, they had passed a vote of no confidence on Higher and Tertiary minister Olivia Muchena and Youth minister Francis Nhema accusing them of incompetence.


  1. mama mujuru, do you remember the morgan’s treason story and funny video which was produced. you are in for it mai mujuru. just ask tsvangirai of his experience.

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