Juju Wedding premieres

BULAWAYO script writer Crispen Ndlovu has penned and shot a tragic comic love film titled Juju Wedding which, according to the script, promises to be tantalising as locals move to created homegrown movies.

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This film captures the reality of life’s frailty and realism of African tradition science and extra-mystical phenomena’s. The short film premieres next week on Monday.

Speaking to Woza Weekend, Ndlovu described the film as top class; explaining that it is about a wedding of a young man who is disturbed by the influence of a traditional healer who gives umuthi to his rival suitor (Sean) to stop the marriage.

“The groom wakes up with a serious toothache on the wedding day that he cannot even speak. The wedding is then cancelled and the bride (Zinhle) runs off with suitor rival, leaving his original groom stranded.

“This film, however, explores the cultural diversity in the African context taking into context the black magic connection. It also looks at the influence of the supernatural in our daily lives and it’s set in town,” he added.

The 12-minute film, includes first-time actresses and actors Carlos Ngozo, Rosie Ndebele, Percy Soko and Solitaire Ncube.

Carlos Ngozo plays suitor and plays a role of Sean, Rosie Ndebele is the bride and plays a role as Zinhle, Percy Soko is the groom and acts as Joseph lastly Solitaire Ncube is the sangoma.

The film is produced by one Crispen Ndlovu and decorated filmmaker Percy Soko. The director of photography is Cris Mapunga.

Ndlovu attended Ingwe Studios School of Film and has produced three films including two documentaries and one short film.

He recently launched a political satire Guveya in Bulawayo and in Harare — which has opened debate about the Gukurahundi genocide — Selibona Nya! and Incwadi Encane

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