MDC-T councillor acquitted

AN MDC-T councillor for Umguza Ward 3 accused of threatening a nurse at a local clinic with arson has been found not guilty and acquitted of the charge.


The councillor, Maqhawe Mpengesi (43) had pleaded not guilty to the charge of threats of violence to Sichelesile Ngwenya (29) a nurse at Fingo Clinic at Mbembesi when he appeared before magistrate Sheunesu Matova during a court circuit at Mbembesi.

In denying the charge Mpengesi had told the court that he had visited the clinic to find out about the distribution of mosquito nets at the health institution, which he had not been told about.

“I went to enquire how they were distributing mosquito nets,” he said.

“When there, I found a nurse called Mrs Jabulani and someone who is not a nurse, I asked why they distributed mosquito nets without my knowledge.

“I did not threaten to burn her (Ngwenya) inside the house.”

The magistrate considered his plea and indicated that the State failed to prove its case against him at the close of its case.

“The court was certified that the State failed to asset elements of the offence,” the magistrate ruled.

“Evidence of the State witnesses did not prove any essential elements of the offence.

“I, therefore, find the accused not guilty and acquit him at the close of the State case.”

The court heard that on July 23, this year at 11am the MDC-T councillor confronted Ngwenya while she was on duty and started blaming her for not keeping him updated on the activities happening at the clinic since he is a councillor of the area.

Mpengesi said Ngwenya must dissolve a committee which had been selected by the community at the clinic which was meant to oversee the construction of a expecting mothers’ shelter at the health institution.

He allegedly told Ngwenya that he was not happy with the way she distributed mosquito nets to the community without consulting him.

Mpengesi allegedly went on to threaten to burn the nurse’s house, with her inside.

Fearing for her life Ngwenya told her workmates Buhlebenkosi Jabulani and Brian Ncube about the threats.

She later told Witness Moyo, the sister-in-charge of the clinic, who advised her to report to the police, leading to Mpengesi’s arrest.

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