LIVE UPDATES: Zimbabwe vs Botswana netball Region 5 Under-20 Youth Games

Southern Eye gives you live updates of THE2014  African Union Region 5 Under-20 Youth Games-Zimbabwe vs Botswana netball at the White City stadium.

Updates: Thandiwe Moyo
Editing: Thubelihle Siwela and Rachael Magadhi

17:55 Zimbabwe wins 52-20 Botswana.

17:50 5 minutes left and Zimbabwe is leading with 48-18 Botswana.

17:49 Last quarter and Zimbabwe is still leading 42-16 Botswana.

17:41 End of third quarter Zimbabwe 35-16 Botswana.

17:40 Botswana managed 5 to take score to 16,while Zimbabwe scored 12.

17:33 Zimbabwe still leading 27-11 Botswana.

17:14 The goal-shooter has scored 11 so is the goal-attacker.

17:11 Half time Zimbabwe leads 22-11 Botswana.

17:00 Now in the second quarter and Zimbabwe has increased scores 15-9 .

16:56 Goal-shooter Sharon Bwanali has scored 7 and the goal-attacker Mercy Mukwadi 4 to make it 11 for Zimbabwe.

16:52 First quarter ends Zimbabwe 11-8 Botswana.

16:49 Zimbabwe vs Botswana at White City,there is a huge crowd to watch netball and Zimbabwe is leading 10-6.

supporters watch the game as it begins

The stadium is packed with supporters watchin the game

16:35 At White City Stadium Netball about to start.

16:37 Rain delays netball at White City stadium.

netball 2

The pitch is flooded with water

netball 3

netball 4

Games grounds people scoop the water off the pitch

netball i

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