‘Borehole water not safe’

THE Bulawayo City Council has advised residents to stick to using municipal tap water for consumption purposes, warning that water from some boreholes is not recommended for human consumption by the Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ).


According to the latest council minutes, of 352 boreholes, 131 boreholes have been tested since May 2014 in order to obtain the quality of water during the dry season.



“Of the 131 boreholes tested this year, six of them had hardness levels above the maximum of 500mg/l recommended by SAZ standard for water suitable for human consumption,” the council report reads.

Councillor Collet Ndhlovu of Cowdray Park had raised the issue of boreholes, saying his was ward faced water shortages and underground water could be of benefit.

“Affected residents, who were allocated un-serviced stands by the government through the operation Hlalani Kuhle have now resorted to sinking wells yet there were blair toilets on the same premises,” he said.

“The council has withdrawn the use of bowsers.



“There is a danger of a cholera outbreak if appropriate action is not taken.”

Councillor Thobani Ncube said boreholes in his ward were not functioning and sought clarification on the repair or maintenance of such facilities. Councillor Monica Lubimbi highlighted was the council’s responsibility to provide reticulated water.

Bulawayo has been facing perennial water shortages which have been attributed to increasing demand in the city resulting in water rationing.

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