Robbers blame each other in court


There is certainly no honour among thieves, after two robbery suspects accused each other of backstabbing in front of a Victoria Falls magistrate.

Ruth Ngwenya
Own Correspondent

The two were accused of robbing a bar patron of $445 in a toilet.

Ndikinya Mukambachaza (35) appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Sharon Rosemani on Monday with visible injuries on his head and claimed that his partner in crime, a well-known criminal Slowman Ndlovu sent some thugs to assault him.

Mukambahaza and Ndlovu are on remand for the crime and the former told the court that his accomplice sent some men to attack him on the day they left the court on their previous remand day.

“He sent his thugs to beat me up as you can see these injuries, he is responsible for them,” Mukambachaza said.

The gallery was treated to free-for-all drama as the accused persons traded accusations, with Ndlovu denying ever sending people to attack his crime partner.

Ndlovu told the court hat Mukambachaza was a “filthy liar”, as he was beaten by his neighbour after being caught flirting with his wife. “He is lying your worship, I did not send people to beat him up, but he was beaten by his neighbour who found him in a compromising position with his wife,” he said.

The court heard that Mukambachaza and his unnamed neighbour were quite close and would have their wives help each other with chores, but their relationship soured when the accused started flirting with the wife.

The magistrate advised the two that the court would only deal with the robbery crime at hand and urged Mukambachaza to file an assault charge against Ndlovu if he felt aggrieved.

It is the States’ case that in October this year while at Chinotimba sports bar, the complainant Lucky Ncube was drinking beer and decided to go to the toilet. It is alleged that the two followed and grabbed him from behind and searched his pockets and stole $445 cash.