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SA actress conducts film workshop


POPULAR South African soapie Rhythm City prospective actress Zintle Ncipa conducted a workshop for aspiring young and professional actors, producers, writers and directors at a Bulawayo hotel on Monday.


Ncipa, who climbed the ladder of success by breaking into the lucrative South African film industry from humble theatre beginnings, has starred in productions such as 360 alongside Zimbabwean-born actor Luthuli Dlamini and currently stars in the movie Safe Bet due for release next year.

She said it was possible to achieve anything as long as one retained self-belief.

“You are a winner and as a winner go for what you want to win. It’s just like in sports; Tiger Woods, Serena Williams and Ronaldinho discovered what they were really good at and made sure that they became the best at it. So anything is possible; just believe in yourself,” Ncipa said.


She took the young aspirants through the various types and forms of acting to enable them to identify themselves according to their personalities.

“In acting, there are specific acting styles. Once you know these then you can start building from there. There is no style that is more recognised than the other or more efficient than the other, they are all equally great and all have space in the entertainment industry. When you are aware of this, it is easy to improve or better your gift. Actors are the real transformers; we have the ability to create reality out of our imagination,” she said.

Speaking at the same workshop, Zimbabwean-born corporate trainer, speaker and master life coach Thando Sibanda, now based in South Africa, told participants that everything begins with a vision.

“Dream big in small spaces; dream bigger than your circumstances. We are here to be more than people who dress smart and look good. Have a vision for your future and dream of being the first one to achieve greatness in your family,” Sibanda said.

Sibanda, who is also a film director and has directed a number of SABC dramas and documentaries for the BBC, and has won three awards at the Toronto Arts Awards, urged aspiring actors to be big on values amid opportunities.

“Be big on values; unless your values are tested you will fall for what seems like a big opportunity; it’s values versus opportunity.

“Find out who you really are; acting is not who you are, it is what you do; you are a communicator. When you know who you are, you will say no, even to some good opportunities. Be a values ambassador. Let your gift speak for you. We have lost a lot of good people to opportunity, know who you are,” he said.

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